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Learning Environment That Support the Joy of Learning

Apart from qualified educators, the environment in which children spend their early formative years also determines how they play, learn and develop. Toddler Town was designed with kids in mind and is decorated as a kid-sized traffic town with special features such as traffic lanes, petrol station, traffic lights, driveways, bike paths, road markings and much more. Most of the furniture at Toddler Town is child-sized to inspire superior individualized learning


Kids Painting


All the children benefit from a dedicated sensory room.
This area has many elements which encourage the child’s senses through a soothing and stimulating environment.

Kids Drawing


Children should be involved in the practical application of their knowledge and skills which will promote self-esteem through allowing them to make decisions about what to investigate and how to do it.
They will be supported in developing the knowledge, skills and understanding that will help them to make sense of the world.

Image by Kimberly Farmer


The outdoor space is an extension of the indoor provision and also offers opportunities for sand, water, construction, creative and imaginative play. Sand and water play provide children with opportunities for experimenting and helps them to test out many mathematical and scientific concepts


Construction materials are important for children’s development and understanding of mathematics, science and perception of their environment. They promote physical and social development in terms of co-operation and language development and most importantly, positive play experiences.


This area is full of resources that children need to create and make whatever they want. We provide materials that are appropriate to their age and stage of development.
Creative activities help to:
•Develop children’s creativity and imagination
•Promote physical development
Promote emotional, social, language and cognitive development.

Image by frank mckenna


The quiet area has a relaxed atmosphere. The children have access to listening resources and books.
Here, the children acquire good book handling knowledge such as reading from left to right, top to bottom and how to turn pages properly.

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